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Halesfield Nursery

About Us

Our staff are selected very carefully; many of us are working parents and consequently do understand the difficulties and pressures you face.  We aim to support both you and your child during their early years and are always open to suggestions about how we can do this better.

Our wonderful team of mature and experienced staff changes rarely so you and your child will be able to form lasting relationships.  To work here, we must have a genuine affection for the children; appropriate qualifications and/or considerable experience.  In addition we also take part in regular training sessions to ensure we keep our knowledge up to date.

All of us have been approved by OFSTED and hold clear Criminal Records Bureau checks.

The Board of Trustees comprises parents (past and present) of children at our nurseries so you can be sure that they have a real interest in making them work for the benefit of the children.


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Registered in the UK no. 3719984    Registered office is Halesfield 22, Telford, TF7 4QX    Charity registration no. 1094655