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What We Do All Day

Birth to Three Years
Our whole environment is planned round the Birth to Three Matters Framework. 
Click on the link to find out more about Birth to Three -

Three to Four Years
We follow the Early Learning Goals of the Foundation Stage Curriculum which starts at the age of three and continues until the end of the Reception Year in school.  Click on the link to find out more -

Your child’s daily routine in nursery will vary according to their age; young babies follow their own routine from home and we work closely with you to ensure that this happens.

As children grow, their daily routine changes – needing less sleep and eating at more conventional mealtimes for example.  The basic routines for each age group are displayed in the nurseries – please ask to see them when you visit.

Opportunities for Physical Play
We are keen to encourage children’s natural desires for physical activity and build this into each and every day across all age groups.

Both of our nurseries have large outdoor play areas with surfaces that enable them to be used all year round.  We have a range of fixed and portable play equipment and areas of safety surface for climbing equipment.

As the weather cannot always be relied upon, we have indoor soft play areas and many resources for physical development such as Top Start through Play, Sticky Kids activities and the BBC Education Service range of music and movement programmes.

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Registered in the UK no. 3719984    Registered office is Halesfield 22, Telford, TF7 4QX    Charity registration no. 1094655