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Halesfield Nursery

Safety, Security And Welfare

Because we are specifically designed for all day use by young children, our nursery is a very safe place for your child. We have strict hygiene rules in our toilet and nappy changing areas, primarily to set a good example to the children, but also to minimise the spread of germs.

Our meals are homemade by the café next door by an experienced team of cooks. The menu is specifically designed for us so dietary needs can easily be accommodated. The ingredients used are carefully selected, and sourced from local suppliers this ensures freshness and supports our local businesses.

Access to our building is carefully controlled via our biometric fingerprint system and pin code access. Only those authorised to enter the building can do so.

The welfare of your child is paramount. If we have any concerns during the day we will always contact you (or any other person you may nominate e.g, grandparent); the most common reason will be the onset of illness. Occasionally, it may be necessary to ask you to collect your child because of illness.

Prescribed medicines will be administered at your request; you will be asked to sign a Medicine Authority form giving us detailed instructions. Paracetamol Suspension is kept on the premises for emergency use should a child suddenly develop a high temperature but we will always endeavour to contact you for instructions prior to administering any dosage.

Settling in- Whatever age your child joins us, we understand the importance of getting off to a good start. FREE ‘settling-in’ visits are an essential part of the process and we do not prescribe how many is 'enough'; however, a child cannot normally start this nursery without at least two visits. Being child centered means putting the needs of your child first, but as a parent you will also benefit from the chance these visits afford to get to know us all a little better.

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